I want to be okay,
with endings
and with beginnings.

every yes
brings at least one

we speak of you as
the God who offers us
an eternal

remain silent
as to your eternal no’s.

yes I will be your God
and no more destroying with

yes I will let the children come to me
but no one who does not become like them can enter
my kingdom

sheep yes
goats no

no you cannot serve both God and money
and any one who puts her hand to the plow and looks back
she is not fit . . .

and no Jesus could not stay past his ascension
while yes the Spirit has come to remain with us

Though you are God
even you submit to yes and
to no.

I am not good like you.

yes I want three children once they’ve cleared
yes I want two children, so that I have time
to write and be by myself
yes I want to always share this good job
and yes I want to stay home and write
and parent two
and three children
and write a dissertation
and live slow
and make make yogurt
and garden.
no to sewing.

Yes I want to live a prophetic alternative
Yes I want God
and I want money
and I want a new dress from Anthropologie

No I am not yet enough like you.
Teach me the ways
of yes and no

who can live in the city and the country?
who can stay in the boat and walk on the water?

how can i with fleshed arms hold all possibilities
If You as spirit cannot?

how can I live in yes
without grieving the no?

Who can salute the morning
tucking in
the moon?