The old Old Testament scholar says,
“The church in word and by steeple clock
announces what time it is and that we must live in God’s time.
But the king would have it be like a casino in Las Vegas where
there is no clock and no time,
no beginning and no end,
no time to speak
or to answer,
but only an enduring and unchanging now.”

the no time.
when we get lost in the
nowhen of
big box outlets
which like prisons
and schools
make little to do about views.
Tiny panes veil the moving sun
and so it is now forever there.

This is not the way our God would have it.
He makes a case for great panes
and with time-wrinkled hands
we pull the curtain and crane
to see                                                                                                                  the sun has gone down.

We hope
then whisper,
“o let there be light,
make something new