Nothing sexy to say. . . except I started this because I have felt bugged, mostly by myself.  I’m a Christian but I I know I look far more like a North American than anything else.  It bugs me that though I long for God’s Kingdom, that I also long for a new bag to hold my new macbook-deeply.  So thought I should write about this.  Also, I’m a mother of 2 brilliantly alive little women, which makes sense when you look at my beautifully brilliant husband.  Also I’m a chaplain at Christian college, a job I share with my husband.  Also I am an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church.  I like gardening to feed my family, and fermenting and sewing (not mending) and making things and reading and writing and in the end I struggle to do these things instead of fixing my finger on the scroll button in all my spare time.  I apologize if you should have been doing the things you love instead of reading this blog.  Turn me off, be better than me.


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